the haunted girl

ph. & edit - me
model - Milena

First of all, if you want to know about the inspiration behind these photos, click and play the songs I linked above, I think it's very important. Music moves me in a special way, it inspires me and I can almost visualize it, and in this particular case it helped me a lot in explaining my vision to my model. It also helped us relax and get into the right mood.

I've listened to Bat For Lashes for years, but only after her last album was released did I decide to get to know more about her and get deeper into the lyrics. I also got to know myself better through her songs, especially "Lilies". That's when the ideas for the photoshoot started pouring in.

...she sings:
"And so I finished up my prayer, rose slowly and I stared
But I was empty as a grave and ghostless was the air
Laid back to bed and dulled my eyes and searched those fruitless skies
Again begged the thunder bolt to strike to mark me or else I will die
And in the second before I sleep
Did I believe what I did see?
Did I believe what came to me?

Appeared a figure of a man
Waving upon the hill
To the window I ran
And saw what he had sent
Children of a private world
To be conceived in milk
Hundred marching to my door
All bringing dreams to drink

Thank God I'm alive!
Thank God I'm alive!"

I will not tell you about the story behind these photos, I believe that's something you should come up with on your own. And you'll see your own self reflected in them. Maybe you'll be inspired. Maybe none of that will happen. Either way, I'd like to hear your thoughts, it would mean the world to me!

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  1. Stvarno su prelepe fotke! Svaka cast i tebi i modelu.. ;)

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  3. ooo prelepo je!!! svaka fotka je posebno magicna!!

  4. These pics are beautiful.


  5. Savrsenoooo!!! Odusevljena sam <3

  6. uuuuu fenomenalne fotke! divno, divno, divno :)))))

  7. nice, but too many photos...

  8. Slike su savršenstvo, bravoo :**

  9. Ok, preedobre su fotke!!! Najbolje su mi one sa kavezom (gde svetlost dopire iz gornjeg desnog ugla). Taj momenat sa svetloscu mi je fenomenalan <3
    A ova fotka je neverovatna... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Qs86l69o0dg/UTzvifYBO2I/AAAAAAAAKiI/FiKJF9FwcBI/s1600/157.jpg

  10. Da sam u Beogradu tebe bi iznajmila za fotografa :). Svaki put sa uzivanjem gledam tvoje fotografije :)

  11. Odlične fotografije!!!
    BRAVO! :D

  12. Predivne fotografije! Ta haljina je divna :)


  13. svidaju mi se slike a posebno ove gdje djevojka nema kaputa, svijetlo je carobno. sve pohvale!

  14. divne fotke+bas mi nekako prenose tu bat for lashes energiju! :)


  15. Bravisimo draga! Prelijep session! lOVE IT!