Saturday love letter

After a long series of outfit posts and nothing but outfit posts, I had a need to share something different with you. So here I am, collecting all those precious little moments & things that make life sweeter, pulling them through instagram filters to make them even sweeter for you.
Flowers and tea take the first place. Taste and scent and colors. Bow to spring ♥

In the second place are two Murakamis, Haruki and Riu. Haruki is one of my favorite modern writers, he is dark and twisted in the way that really appeals to me, and I'm soooo excited about reading "South of the Border, West of the Sun". Riu is Haruki's favorite author, and I'm hoping I'll like him too. The girl at a bookstore made a comment about the two of them having the same last name yet being so different from one another (I love when people who work at bookstores share their opinions about the books I'm interested in ♥).
The rest of the bunch is art & photography, and I flip through them whenever I have time.

Taking photos with vintage film cameras is something that just makes me happy, and I love the anticipation and the excitement when you are waiting for your film to be developed and scaned. That's just something that can't be compared to digital photography.
Oh, and the sneakers remind me of the type of sneakers my dad used to wear in the 70's and 80's, and if you ask me, that a reason enough to love them.

You don't really need a reason to stop whatever you are doing and enjoy a beautiful sunset (or dawn, after a couple glasses of wine, lots of laugh and late night conversations...)

P.S. I'm of to Italy-Spain-France later today. I prepared one outfit post and after that you won't hear from me for 10 days more or less, and then I'll be back with tons of photos! Enjoy the weekend, love you all!

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  1. Divne, uzivam u tovjim fotografijama uvijek. Fino se provedi <3

  2. Divne fotke :) Lep provod :*

  3. Super post! Lepo se provedi :)

  4. riu mi jos nije dosao pod ruku, ali mi je zato haruki <333

    +lep provod // srecan put // *******


  5. Tvoj blog je uvek prepun fantasticnih fotkica :)))


  6. Don't forget the 'fresh' sunshine that sets spring apart from all other seasons!