TREND | running shoes

sneakers - Nike Free 5.0
[ph. Stefan]
Sports shoes are my lifelong love, dating back to the time I was in elementary school, Nike Cortez 72 being my first serious crush. In general, I prefer retro-like models, mostly those that remind me of the sneakers my dad used to wear in 70's and 80's (my obsession with men's wear deserves a special post). What attracted me to running shoes is the fact that they usually come in the craziest colors, and I'm a sucker for bright colorful things/details, along with the fact that they look so goddamn cool! Did I mention how comfortable they are? It doesn't get better than that! Anyway, you'll see these beauties in my outfit posts very often, and if you are, like me, fond of this trend, I say go for it! It is so much fun and gives a different dimension to any outfit.


  1. Lol, I am the same! Love sports shoes and clothes. Also, i have the same shoes just little bit different and I love them because they are in same time crazy cute and really comfortable.... :)


  2. This is an amazing look ;)
    Kisses <3