we are golden

top - Pull&Bear; skirt and earrings - H&M; bag and watch - Michael Kors; shoes - no brand

Well known scene played only minutes before these photos were taken - my mom was trying to convince me to wear something less worn out than this tank top, but she had no chance. For some reason, I feel really uncomfortable if I'm dressed up from head to toe (except in special occasions). So, if I'm wearing a dressy piece (and in this case that would be the skirt) I prefer to tone it down with something casual.
The only rule in dressing that I followed since I was a little girl is - listen to your inner voice. If I don't feel like myself in an outfit, I won't wear it. End of story!

Oh, and special thanks to my mom and dad who took pictures for the last two posts ♥.


  1. Divna :) Vise se slikaj sa podignutom kosom, super ti stoji ^^

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    XoXo Venoma

  2. Such a pretty blog!:) Lovely post:) dailydoseofdarling.com

  3. svidja mi se suknja uzeu ti.:)

  4. I meni je suknjica zapala za oko :)) doduse, jos davno u H&M-u a sad si me samo podsetila koliko je divna!