weekend mix

Some time ago, thinking about the direction I want to go with my blog, I decided I want to make it more lifestyle focused, rather than strictly fashion and outfits. That was my intention at first, anyway, and I have so much to share with you besides just outfits. I want to inspire you, share my interests and get to learn from you. This weekend mix is just a first step. The idea behind this post is collecting all those little things that lift my spirits and make my days sweeter. Here we go!
The first thing I want to tell you about is a book that changed my life - The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It may sound a little dramatic, but it has in a big way changed the way I think and see the world.  I am a hardcore optimist, but this book thought me how to clear my mind from all the distractions and negative thoughts, and see and get the best out of everything. I was reading about the law of attraction before, but this book helped me understand it completely. If you are remotely interested in this topic, I warmly recommend it!
One of my favorite rituals is buying flowers.If I go to a market place to get them, then that's even more joyful. It makes me happy instantly and makes a living place much more pleasant and cozy. Sunflowers, peonies and tulips are my favorites.
>>Music on, world off<<
Details that put a smile on my face - big light pink headphones and my bright pink iPod, and the easiest and coolest DIY piece ever - Jack Daniels vase.
When it comes to music, besides modern music I really enjoy listening to classical music. It helps me relax and it clears my mind, so I play it when I study or read, because I don't like sitting in the silence (it only makes me sensitive to all those little noises and eventually drives me crazy). As a solution, I play Solo Piano Radio or Venice Classic Radio. Pure joy ♥

One of my favorite things in the world, you probably know that, is being behind the lens. Capturing blossoms or women's beauty, playing with colors, light and shadows... it makes me forget about all my worries. That's when I'm really in the moment, soaking it up, enjoying it and feeling so in sync with myself. That's why I'll never give up on photography as long as it makes me feel like that.
In the end, here's a typical weekend outfit - white jeans, neon shirt, flat shoes and a big bag. Casual but still chick and interesting.

I would really like to hear what you think of this kind of posts. Is this interesting to you? Is there any topic you'd like me to write about? I'm open to all suggestions and critics, and I'm looking forward to your feedback!


  1. Post po mojoj mjeri... hvala za linkove s glazbom, potpuno otkriće! Uživam već neko vrijeme i čujem da se rodila ljubav <3

    1. hej, drago mi je da ti se dopao post i jos draze sto sam ti otkrila nesto novo :) hvala na javljanju!