5 beauty favorites

Now that summer is (almost) behind us, I want to do a little recap with 5 product that I specially loved during last few months. Use of these products is not limited to summer period, or any other period - it's just that I finally made a list of stuff I really really love to use, and find suitable for myself, as I'm usually pretty much indifferent to cosmetics (except the skin care products). So, let's begin!

1. First item on the list - Aura Nano lipstick n.90 - is the first (and the only one) lipstick that I used up completely, and got a new one. It's the one you've been seeing me wear in most of my outfit posts since May. The color is that perfect 'my lips but way better' shade, it has great texture and it's inexpensive. What's not to like?

2. Moving on to another lipstick - Max Factor Lipfinity n.015 - semi permanent lipstick that will stay on your lips through the day without retouching. It has two parts - paint for the lips that you apply first, and only once, and the clear moisturizing top coat that you can use as many times in a day you want. This is something that traditionally exists in my house since my mom has been using it for like 10 years. Finally I decided to try it out, and I opted for the color most similar to Aura Nano n.90. This one is more pinkish, but I love it anyway (still prefer Aura Nano). What's great about it is that you really don't need to retouch it and it will stay on your lips all day. It resists everything, even teeth washing. The only thing it won't resist is long kisses, but who cares about that! :)

3. Third product that I want to tell you about is Flormar Quintet Eye Shadow Pallete. I was on a long time hunt for perfect nude & matte palette, and this one is more than perfect. Shadows have a light and silky texture, are very well pigmented, and I love the colors. You can see one of the looks I created with them here. To be honest, lately I suffer from the lack of time and I keep my make up routine simple, but these shadows are still used on a daily basis. I use the lightest one to conceale my eyebags (it's not white as it seems on the photos, it's light beige), second and/or third I apply on my lids, and the darkest one I use to accentuate my eyebrows. The only shade I rarely use is the fourth - only because is doesn't go well with my skin tone. All in all, a great catch!

4. Moving on to the sphere of nail polishes! I used to think there is not much difference between the cheap and expensive nail polishes - I'm very good at doing my manicure and I know how to make any polish look good and last for 5 or 6 days. However, I decided to try something a little less cheap, out of curiosity, and I chose Essie for a start. First of all, pricey polishes such as Essie and O.P.I come in such a gorgeous shades, have better textures and from my experience they look way better than the cheap ones. 
I had a dilemma - should I talk about Essie in general or about that one particular shade that delighted me. In the end I decided I should tell you about Essie Licorice as it's the most perfect black polish in the universe! Not that I tried every black polish that exists, but I can't imagine what could top this one. It is pure black, with no undertones. It gives full coverage in only one coat! It dries really really fast (after 20 minutes I could wash my hair without the fear of ruining it) and has a great shine and resistance even without top coat. And there is not a single downside to it! Perfection!

5. The last product on today's list is Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. In the past, I used to avoid using oil on my hair as it's really thin and it would look greasy. Hearing many girls with different hair types praise this oil made me wish to try it out and see if it's really that good. Honestly, it won't do magic to your hair, but it is pretty good! It doesn't grease (still, I only use it on hair tips) and it recovered my hair after my ombre adventure. I'm not big on hair products, but this is something I really love!

I really hope you find this list useful, as I'm already making another one. If you have any question, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer as soon as I can. Also, if you have something to recommend, I would like to hear!
Have a beautiful beginning of the week!


  1. Ovo je super, uvek sam radoznala što se tiče kozmetike, volim da vidim ko šta koristi :)

    1. hvala! i ja volim da citam ovakve postove kod drugih, uvek bude nekih zanimljivosti :)

  2. koliko kosta paleta senki?

    1. iskreno, ne secam se tacno, kupljena je pre vise od godinu dana i to u Barseloni.. u svakom slucaju, nije bila skupa, jer sam je uzela onako usput, da probam, ne ocekujuci previse od nje.. nadam se da sam iole bila od pomoci :)

  3. Naaaajs :D Opusteno da dodas i beauty pored fashion blogger :)

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    XoXo Venoma

  4. Svidja mi se, rado cu isprobati preporuceno!:)