ph. me

Conceptual photography is without doubt my favorite type of photography, I just had no guts to give it a try properly (the closest I came to it was this and this). For long long time I've been admiring photographers that practice conceptual photography and create stunning artworks (my favorite is Brooke Shaden ♥) and I felt like I could never come close to that perfection. However, not trying at all is a mistake. If you want to succeed at something, you have to try, once, twice, million times if necessary. So I did. And seeing that what I created isn't totally lame, gave me a boost and motivation to keep going. Improve, develop ideas, put your heart into that something you really love. At least that's what I'll do!

[još fotografija i moj tekst o konceptualnoj fotografiji možete naći u novom broju Plezir magazina]