Cover for February issue of Plezir Magazin

ph. me

My so far favorite cover I shot for Plezir Magazin is a result of probably most stressful photoshoot I did. First we spent more than two hours doing her makeup, trying to make her look like an ice queen. By the time we were finishing the makeup, powder got into her eyes and they started to tear, melting that snowy white tan away. The makeup itself was far from perfect (thank God, you can't see that in these photos) and in addition to all that, when we were finally ready to start shooting it already started to get dark. That's why we decided to try shooting inside, but since I only shoot with natural light of course I didn't have reflectors so we used that horrible fluorescent light. And the worst of all - out of 60 photos only three were remotely usable, in all the other photos she looked like she had flour all over her face. I was already thinking of suggesting another photoshoot when the magic happened and I managed to edit them to perfection - not airbrushing them, believe it or not, just playing with contrast and shadows and highlights. 
Et voilà, here you have them! Let me know what you think!