boots in the summer

top and ring - H&M; shorts - no brand; boots - Stradivarius; bag and watch - Michael Kors
[ph. Milena]

Wearing shorts and ankle boots in the middle of summer is one of my favorite things in fashion, but due to high temperatures, rarely possible. As much as I love being stylish and looking good, being comfortable in what I'm wearing comes first. I'm not the type of woman who believes that you have to suffer for beauty. I don't believe you can look good in, for example, super high heels that make your feet bleed in pain, or a dress so tight you can barely breathe. If you feel good in what you're wearing, you'll look good in it. That's my mantra. So I thank this summer for allowing me to wear shorts and boots, because that day the temperature was perfect - not too hot or cold.
Have a lovely Monday!


  1. I meni se svidja ta varijanta leti - teksas sorc, braon cizmice! :D Ma mnogo ima zanimljivih kombinacija koje zahtevaju takvo vreme, steta sto je kod nas uglavnom ili prehladno, ili prevruce...
    Moram reci - noge fenomenalne! ;))

  2. Jedan od mojih omiljenih outfita!
    PS. Cekam novi post sa crnom suknjom. :D <3