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THE End of a Chapter.

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Today I have something big to announce. Big for me that is. So I'll just say it without the long introductions and fuss and drama -- this is the last post on this blog! However, I do not plan to quit blogging. It's just that I've outgrown this place and it's time for me to move on.

I made this blog three and a half years ago, and at the time I just needed a creative outlet and something that I can put my energy into, besides studying. I was so inspired by the blogs I discovered, and driven with that inspiration I started this thing. No vision. No clear idea of where I headed.

Something I deeply believe is - doesn't matter what you're doing, as long as you know what you're doing. As long as you have an idea, and you're not just wandering around. And I have a feeling that that's what I've been doing - wandering around, trying this, trying that, but overall doing nothing. And somewhere along the way, an idea started to bloom in my mind and I knew it was time for this step.

First of all, I'm taking time off from the online world. How long will it take, I don't know. A month, two, three... as long as I feel like. I'll take time to thoroughly think about the thing I want to do next. New site, new design, new concept. This time I have a clear and strong vision of what I want to do, and it'll take time to prepare and put everything to its place. Then I'll be back, and I hope I'll find you here, so we can take that trip together!

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Love you all!
Yours truly,
A. ♥