I got this bag two months ago and couldn't wait to style it in an outfit. So, here it is. Adding a bit of color to a white and gray combination of my favorite t-shirt, gray mini skirt and leopard flats.



 Well, today is my 22nd birthday, and this is the first time (for as much as I can remember) that I celebrate it away from home. 22 is my favorite number, and has a special meaning to me in so many ways, so I hope it will bring lots of changes (change is always good, even if everything is fine as it is) and lots of nice things.



 This isn't an outfit post, this is a little story about how beautiful and kind and inspiring a person can be. Her name is Milena, and she is my sweetheart. I guess I could say she is my muse. Before starting a blog, I often bothered her to be my model, because she is so good at it. She has that natural and sensual aura that I just love capturing, she glows beauty. Now she has to be my photographer as well as my model.

P.S. As you are reading this, I am on my seaside vacation (finally), so when I get back, there will be lots of photos to share with you. See ya!


Hit the road Jack, don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more

 top - Stradivarius; pants - Zara; sandals - no brand; scarf - NewYourker; bag - Carpisa; necklaces - Accessorize and Koton; bracelets - DIY; watch - Esprit

This is definitely my favorite set of photos, mostly because of the place where we took them. The place looks like it's from some other era, but it's in the middle of very urban surrounding. Peaceful and perfect to stay there for hours and daydream. About the outfit - at first I was going for a skirt, but it was kinda cold for that and the wind was blowing very hard, and I didn't want the whole town to see my underwear, so I ended up having that 'closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear' crisis. That rarely happens to me, but when it does, it hits hard, and I hate it.

Pronašla sam savršeno mesto za slikanje, i tamo je nastao moj za sada omiljeni set fotografija. Mesto kao da je iz nekog drugog vremena, a nalazi se u prilično urbanom okruženju. Mirno je i savršeno za sanjarenje. Što se tiče outfita, umesto bermuda bila je planirana suknja. Međutim, ovo leto me je izdalo, bilo je previše hladno i duvao je jak vetar, a pošto nisam htela da mi isti podigne suknju u sred grada, sve se završilo dobro poznatom 'ormar pun odeće, ali ništa za obući' krizom. Retko mi se dešava, ali kad se desi to je prava mini katastrofa.